We plan to sail according to already published schedules for 2021.
Here you can see how we organize infection control onboard our ships.
In general, we follow all guidelines distributed by Norwegian health authorities related to Covid-19. This will include changes as the guidelines change.

Social distancing

A very important part of infection control is about social distancing. Our crew members do their best to maintain a social distance to each other and to all guests. Nevertheless, it remains important that all guests watch their distance, especially by embarkation and disembarkation.

Hand hygiene

We urge everyone to watch their hand hygiene. All toilets have running water and soap. As a supplement we have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in multiple locations on all boats. Always disinfect your hands when embarking, after a visit to the WC and before food service.

If you do not have a paper towel available, make sure you cough or sneeze in your elbow.


Eventuelle påbud om munnbind kan bli innført på kort varsel av sentrale eller lokale myndigheter. Vi anbefaler derfor våre gjester å ha munnbind med seg på reisen. Dette gjelder både dagsreisende og de som har bestilt tur som inkluderer overnatting.

NB! På buss er det påbudt med munnbind fordi det er vanskelig å holde 1 meters avstand. Hvis du har bestilt en tur som inkluderer busstransport må du derfor ha med deg munnbind og benytte dette i bussen.



We have increased cleaning frequency of all contact surface areas like door handles and other areas that are frequently touched.

Illness and quarantine

If you show symptoms of any kind of disease, do not travel. General feeling of illness like fever, sore throat, running nose, headache or heavy breathing all indicate you should remain where you are and see as few people as possible.

If you have been quarantined, you are not allowed onboard the canal boats and should not travel at all.

Contact us – and we will try to find a solution for you, e. g. postpone your trip to a later time.

In general

We kindly advise everyone to follow infection control guidelines to reduce disease spread.


The Norwegian health authorities have implemented bans on travelto and from the country. For updates information and travel advice, visit The Norwegian Insitute of Public Health: https://www.fhi.no/en/id/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/