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General contract- and booking conditions – Online booking


Norwegian Travel Group AS

Norwegian Travel Group is not a travel agency, but an online distributor of a broad spectrum of travel products in Telemark/Norway.

Please note that reservations including more than one product are covered by Norwegian legislation through the law of travel packages “Pakkereiseloven”. Should differences or conflicts between our terms and conditions and this legislation occur, the legislative conditions will apply.


Booking conditions

These general terms and conditions are applicable to the relationship between Norwegian Travel Group AS (seller) and other parties entering into an agreement with Norwegian Travel Group AS (customer) as specified in the confirmation. The agreement can cover accommodation, travel, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.



Bookings for up to 9 persons can be made as one booking. You can book online up to point of travel/arrival. Payment with a valid debit/credit card at time of booking. Your booking is confirmed and definitive at the moment you receive an e-mail confirmation with a booking reference. We recommend all customers to print the confirmation and bring it with you.


As our customer you declare that:

  • You are above the age of 18 and able to conduct a booking through Norwegian Travel Group AS.
  • All information about you and your travel companions is correct and valid.
  • You will not use Norwegian Travel Group AS to submit false, speculative or illegal bookings of any kind.
  • You will collect necessary information about attendance times for travels.
  • It is your responsibility to, immediately after receiving confirmation, check that all tickets and confirmations are in accordance with your booking.
  • You will bring necessary ID/passports/visa required for your booked arrangement.
  • You will act according to all rules and regulations issued by product owners, contractors or cooperating partners.
  • You will not in any way act disturbing to other travel companions or participants.
  • You will not in any way harm or damage property belonging to product owners, contractors or cooperating partners as this could be subject to liability.


Who is responsible:

Norwegian Travel Group AS, Strandveien 50, N-1366 Lysaker, Norway

Org nr: mva 991 875 794 is responsible for all transactions submitted through our website. Our cooperating partner PayEx is responsible for handling of all credit card numbers and codes according to the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Our sub-contractors

Norwegian Travel Group AS is responsible for all sub-contractors receiving full payment according to bookings submitted through our website. The sub-contractors themselves are responsible for their separate parts of the delivery, including valid and complete insurance, permissions, equipment, staff and all other requirements at any given time in accordance with the at any given time prevailing legislation applying to the sub-contractor.


The agreement in general

As seller Norwegian Travel Group AS is responsible to the customers for all deliverables included in the agreement. Sub-contractors are responsible to contents and tasks to be delivered by anyone else than Norwegian Travel Group AS.


As organizer it is the responsibility of Norwegian Travel Group AS to deliver:

Electronic confirmation of booking, including necessary documents for all booked arrangements, sent to customer via e-mail without unnecessary delay.

Norwegian Travel Group AS’s responsibility is limited to the reservation and confirmation of this as described. We also guarantee that all customer data will be kept according to Norwegian legislation and that no personal data will be submitted to 3rd parties.


Definitive booking:

A booking is definitive as soon as a booking number has been issued and payment confirmed. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that all relevant booking data, e.g. arrival- and departure date, are correct prior to completion of booking.



The customer is required to pay 100 % for the booking/arrangement/travel/stay at the time of booking via Norwegian Travel Group AS. The guest/traveler is required to bring and be able to show the booking confirmation upon arrival/departure.


Cancellation policy:

  • The customer/traveler can cancel to Norwegian Travel Group AS. Norwegian Travel Group and sub-contractors will only accept cancellations made directly by customer. It is the responsibility of Norwegian Travel Group to confirm cancellations/changes electronically.
  • Individual reservations policy: Cancellation of individual bookings must be made no later than seven (7) days prior to arrival. There will be a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Group reservations policy: please refer to contract/agreement.

A booking change will always be a cancellation followed by a new booking for all types of reservations.

The price of a booked product can fluctuate with the consequence that it may differ from the original price after a change is made.


What if anything goes wrong?

All deficiencies or lack of delivery are to be reported to the contractor without delay so that the supplier is given the opportunity to correct the situation immediately. Failing to report such deficiencies during the travel period, and through that denying the supplier the opportunity to correct deficiencies, deprives you as a customer the opportunity to demand compensation.

Should disagreements between customer and sub-contractor occur relating to quality, contents, deficiencies or delivery of product prior to or during arrangement, Norwegian Travel Group AS, a service mediator, will not take part in any such conflict.


Force Majeure/Reservations

Norwegian Travel Group AS is not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other conditions beyond the control of the company. Should any such conditions or circumstances occur, Norwegian Travel Group AS has the right to cancel any reservation.