The Telemark Canal is a more recent name, made up as an umbrella term for two of Telemarks three canals with lock constructions. The Telemark Canal as a term was put into use around 1990.

The Norsjø-Skien canal, with its locks in Skien and by Løveid is the lower and older part of the canal, built in the period 1854 to 1861. The Bandak-Norsjø canal is the upper part of the canal was opened in 1892. European travel books at the time referred to this part of the canal as “the world’s eighth wonder”.

Norwegian national TV (NRK) broadcast the program “The Telemark Canal – minute by minute” on 26 August 2012, which was a huge success and contributed to a broad marketing of “slow travel”. Watch it by clicking the link below.

Brochure (Norwegian/English) – Kanalmagasinet (pdf)