The M/S Henrik Ibsen®, originally the D/S Styrsö, used to traffic the Gothenburg archipelago from 1907 to 1960. After that she went into charter traffic until she was purchased for use on the Telemark Canal in 1992, at the 100 year – celebration of the canal.

After the 2008 season the ship had to be docked due to general wear and damages. The year after she was sold to Telemarkskanalen Dampskipsselskap AS and the owner, Thor Morten Halvorsen, the owner of the Dalen Hotel. Upgrades were started, and over a period of 2 years hull and engine, exterior and interior was brought back to its original quality and pride. Today M/S Henrik Ibsen, totally renovated, appears in an Agatha Cristie 1920 – style with plush chesterfield sofas, mahogany interiors, brass details and 38 crystal chandeliers delivered especially for the ship.

The ship’s engine is a slow moving to-stroke six sylinder engine, delivering 360 HK, produced by Burmeister & Wain in Fredrikshavn in 1952. It was taken out and overhauled in 2011, and at the same time the 1953 propeller was renovated. Going into the 2013 season the ship was fully renovated and upgraded appearing like the old veteran ship she is, however, adjusted to all current demands regarding comfort and security.