Our ambitions are to offer hospitality and culinary experiences out of the ordinary. Our food & beverage crew consists of young and ambitious kitchen and restaurant staff, all inspired by Telemark and the high quality specialities of the region. Together they offer you a “taste of Telemark” and other fine culinary experiences. Travelling the Telemark Canal the onboard restaurant stays open all day.


Departing from Skien or from Dalen you may always start your day with a delicious onboard breakfast. For guests having spent the night at the Dalen Hotel breakfast is included.

Ship menus

The M/S Henrik Ibsen® is a proud member of The Historic Hotels & Resorts and meets the same high demands as the other members of the organisation. Storytelling with the host playing an important part is a mainstay of the experience we try to create for our guests.

Our group standards maintain a high level of quality and our values “hospitable”, “personal” and “quality conscious” contribute to our group vision: “We want to be perceived as a great place to stay”.

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