M/S Henrik Ibsen ”The king of the Telemark Canal”

The M/S Henrik Ibsen sails regular routes between Skien and Dalen during the summer season.

A journey on the Telemark Canal aboard the M/S Henrik Ibsen is a unique historical boat trip through spectacular Norwegian nature with fantastic lock constructions, considered the world’s eighth wonder when carved into the mountains at the end of the 19th century. Whether seated on the Promenade deck, in the café or in the restaurant “Aft Lounge” you will be offered first class service and culinary pleasures from the ship’s galley. Combining a historical canal cruise with a culinary stay at the Dalen Hotel is defined as a “SPA for your soul”.

We are proud to invite you to a spectacular and historical journey on the Telemark Canal, offering top class comfort and service in Norway’s most beautiful surroundings.

MS Henrik Ibsen ved Spjotsodd

An adventurous journey from fjord to mountains

Travelling the Telemark Canal is a fantastic journey taking you all the way up to Hardangervidda, passing through rugged landscapes similar to the western fjords, through narrow canals between woods and open plains, crossing open lakes and ascending through 18 locks divided into 8 different lock sections, lifting you in total 72 meters up above sea level.

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